Project Smile 2020

This mission trip known as, “Project Smile 2020,” which was conducted in Belize City, Belize, received a grant from the Stewart Houston Trust, which allowed the team to do some much needed repairs in addition to the dental work. A team of volunteers from Georgia, Ohio, & Tennessee conducted this volunteer effort. The hearing clinic saw numerous patients and gave out more than 27 hearing aids. The repair clinic performed multiple repairs to desks and chairs for students. As it relates to dental work, about 240 patients were served in a 4 day period, which was conducted by Dr. Maynard & his Wife Crystal, who is an Orthodontist. Work done included extractions, restorations, sealants, fluorides, & exams.

These photos highlight the work being done, along with the volunteers and some of the patients who were recipients. Georgetown Family Dental & Dr. Maynard were blessed to be a part of this mission project. While the work was tiresome, which included long hours and days, the response from Dr. Maynard was that the work was “satisfying & gratifying,” knowing that others were able to benefit and receive much needed treatment that otherwise would not have been available.

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