Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a professional-grade design software that uses photos of a patient’s existing smile to help create a digital preview of what they might achieve with cosmetic treatment. This digital mockup aids in the development of cosmetic devices and treatments that are specially designed for a patient’s individual needs. Using the software, a dentist is able to design a preview of the patient’s ideal smile in a matter of minutes, allowing them to communicate visually what they hope to achieve. By having a visual reference that both doctor and patient can easily understand, it allows the patient to become actively involved in the design process and foster a natural collaboration with their doctor. Having a transparent and cooperatively designed treatment plan fosters trust and commitment in the patient, to help them feel comfortable from start to finish. The software is compatible with multiple other dental design and modeling platforms, allowing the unique smile mockup to act as a reference for the subsequent construction of custom-fitted devices and restorations. The process eases communication between patient, doctor, specialists, and lab technicians to ensure the patient achieves their ideal results.