Teeth Whitening

A smile is a first impression. It helps define who you are and has a powerful impact on everyone you meet. With a beautiful set of pearly whites, you convey a sense of youth vitality and good health. So it’s important, not only to explore the best teeth whitening options, but to understand what causes discoloration.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

There are several factors that impact tooth discoloration, but some common causes include genetics, antibiotics, improper diet, and the aging process. There are also two types of discoloration to consider – Internal and External.

External discoloration is caused from factors outside the body, like food containing tannins such as coffee, wine, tea, soy sauce, carrots and tobacco.

Internal discoloration is marked by changes in the enamel and dentin. High levels of fluoride, excess use of antibiotics, tooth decay, tetracycline, tooth restorations, trauma and root canal issues can all be causes.

Ways to a Whiter Smile

If you’re smile isn’t doing it for you, don’t worry! There are options for everyone at every level of severity.

Over-the-counter whitening treatments are great if you’re curious about the process or have mild staining. Whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening kits – like Crest Whitening Strips – are inexpensive, but comparatively low-strength. You may not notice a difference if the discoloration is significant. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box systems are one size fits all. Trays may leak, strips may slip, or the treatment might be too abrasive, further damaging your enamel. It’s also important to consider that these treatments don’t work on restorations, fillings or bridges.

Fabricated mouth trays bridge the gap between an in-office process and an at-home experience. Dr. Maynard offers Georgetown Family Dental patients this custom option by taking impressions of the teeth, then creating bleaching trays made for at-home use. Complete with instructions, the procedure is most effective if done on consecutive days.

In-office teeth whitening, or professional bleaching, is the most effective method when done properly. Results can last up to five years, making it the most cost effective option, depending on your needs. A strong whitening gel, specially formulated to protect enamel, is applied to the teeth. The gums and mouth are also protected for the patient’s comfort. A single office visit can transform your smile, brightening your teeth up to 10 shades in less than hour.

Dr. Maynard’s patients have experienced fantastic results, both with in-office treatments and custom-fabricated home treatments. Fully qualified and trustworthy, he helps patients achieve the smiles they want.

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