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You are a part of our dental family


At Georgetown Family Dental, your oral health is the foundation for everything we do. Our approach is to build a lasting relationship with you as our patient and walk you through your oral and dental needs in a trusting environment. General dentistry is primarily concerned with the prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases. And there’s also a very real relationship between the health and appearance of your smile. General dentistry includes teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions and root canals. It’s our goal to make sure you are treated with respect and are comfortable with all our dental services.


You’ll be surprised at how a slight decline in basic oral health can affect your general health. A minor cavity or even just plaque can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Other general dental care services like crowns, implants, bridges and dentures are all ways to keep or restore what nature gave you with little to no down time. Many of these restorative dental fabrications can be done in the comfort of our office, including some same day crowns because of our high-tech onsite lab. And with advanced tech, most of the procedures are nearly or completely pain and stress free.


Professional level cleaning that removes plaque and prevents disease


Caps placed over teeth too damaged to be filled or to correct its shape

tooth implant Savannah, GA

Ceramic faux tooth surgically implanted into the jaw where one is missing

dental bridge

Ceramic faux tooth bridged between two teeth instead of implanted

dentures Savannah GA

Dentures are custom fabricated to restore an attractive smile

root canal

Saves or repairs badly damaged teeth by cleaning the inner roots

Removes decayed, crowded or wisdom teeth under anesthesia

Replaces small holes in a tooth after the decayed portion is removed



Your smile is a work of art


Cosmetic Dentistry will get you looking your best, and fast! It focuses on the relationship of a patient’s smile to his or her face and neck. It takes extra training and a specialized degree to become a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Maynard. Dr. Maynard uses innovative technology to show you how your smile will appear as a sample. Then, Dr. Maynard uses his artist skills to bring your digital image to life. His expertise combined with all the newest tech and imaging, and you’ll be amazed what a difference a cosmetic procedure can make in the youthful appearance and overall attractiveness of your face and smile.


Cosmetic dental procedures can range from treatments that are relatively quick and non-invasive to more comprehensive treatment plans of care to restore incomplete smiles that have been affected by severely damaged, lost, or missing teeth. With services like Smile Design, Ceramic Veneers, Invisalign and tooth whitening, patients often look decades younger.

cosmetic dentistry
smile design

Digital preview of how a cosmetic procedure will look in the end


Invisible orthodontic trays that align crooked teeth and correct bites

dental veneers savannah

Thin, surface layer of porcelain placed over existing teeth

teeth whitening

Bleaching treatment that counters food, tobacco, age and medication stains



Giving you something to smile about


Specialty Dental Services encompasses more complex dental issues, when a patient may need extensive oral surgery, multiple teeth replaced or bite issues like TMJ corrected. This is exactly where Dr. Maynard’s specialized and extra training becomes paramount. Gum diseases, illnesses, lifestyle, lack of early care and bone and jaw formation can have dire consequences on a person’s smile, oral and general health. But with expertise of Dr. Maynard, and the highest-end diagnoses tools and imagery available at Georgetown Family Dental, even the most complex issues can be resolved.

specialty dentistry services savannah ga
cosmetic dentistry savannah

Various techniques are used to restore multiple teeth or an entire mouth


Four implants support a full mouth replacement and avoid bone grafts

oral surgery

Broad term for any surgery on the mouth, gums or teeth

TMJ Therapy

Multi-phase treatment improves or cures painful jaw joints and muscles

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