teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning


A profession cleaning, also called a dental prophylaxis, is a preventive procedure that removes plaque and prevents diseases that brushing and flossing cannot. This thorough cleaning is also an opportunity to study every detail of your oral health, and often reveals problems before they occur. The meticulous nature of the professional cleaning is typically paired with and doubles as an in-depth oral exam. Your hygienist will take pictures, use tiny probes, mirrors and magnifying devices to look for enamel erosion, little holes, and bacterial growth that lead to cavities. The hygienist will study your teeth, gums, your roots and tissue health.

teeth cleaning

How it Works


With a special tool called a scalar, we’ll gently remove plaque and tartar, and then polish your teeth with a special gritty tooth cleaner. The hygienist will use floss and a water pic to clear out even the tiniest nooks you likely miss. Most people find this deep cleaning a positive, painless experience, and your mouth will feel amazing!


Don’t underestimate the impact a professional-level cleaning has on the appearance of your smile, and the huge effect it has on your health and well-being. Organizations like the American Dental Association highlight what they call the no-brainer relationships between oral health and overall heath. They recommend getting your teeth professionally cleaned every six month, but some people are more prone to disease, decay and discolorations and should go more often. Failure to have regular teeth cleanings are linked to oral and physical health problems like cavities, gingivitis, digestive problems, stomach ulcers, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers.


Not only is it critical to your health over time, but you’ll see and feel the difference immediately. It’s one of the quickest, least expensive ways to take years off your appearance and restore radiance. Plus nothing beats that deep down clean feeling you can only get with a professional cleaning.

Signs it’s Time for a Teeth Cleaning

What to Expect


• An easy thirty minute to one hour appointment with a dental hygienist

• A comprehensive exam with a dentist to catch early stages of cavities and gum disease

• Magnifying devices ensure thorough plaque removal

• A full gum inspection to prevent bacteria build up or gum infection

• Gentle cleaning that removes plaque and tartar (hardened plaque)

• Individual tooth polishing to obliterate stubborn stains and plaques

• Flossing and a water pic

• A smooth, shiny mouth feel that will make your day!

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